Rental Terms

All charges are for a one-day usage rental period. Celebrations Party Rental does offer extended rates. Prices are subject to change without notice. Rentals are cash in advance. You are charged for time out, not time used. Any equip-ment returned after DATE AND TIME DUE IN is subject to additional charges.

A deposit of half your total amount is required at the time of reservation. This is non-refundable. Cancellation of an order will result in forfeiture of any deposit. Equipment/items reserved may not be cancelled or reduced 14 days from date due out; otherwise it is subject to a full charge. Additions can be made at any time as long as the items are available.

Delivery is a service that is provided depending on the dollar amount of your order and the location to which it is delivered. Charges are made for this service if minimums and location is not met. Arrangements for delivery are to be made at least 48 hours in advance. Items are delivered and picked up only to an area a truck can drive to. Delivery does not include set-up or takedown of equipment. (Except Tents) Delivered items are to be stacked and ready for pick-up at the spot they were delivered. Deliveries are to First Floor or Garage only. Deliveries and pick-ups shall be at the dealer’s convenience. Specific times can not be given. Deliveries with special conditions are subject to additional charges. Extra charges will be made for any deliveries and /or pick-ups outside of our regular hours. Hours may vary during each season. After hour delivery charges begin when the driver leaves the store until they return to the store. Double time will be charged for a delivery and/or pick-up on Sunday or Holidays.

All food items is to be returned clean. This includes BBQ Grills, Chafers, coffeepots, Fountains,China, Glassware, and Flatware.China, glassware, and flatware are to be cleaned, dried and packed in the original cartons prior to your return or our pick up. Additional charges will be assessed for packing cartons, and boxes not returned and for cleaning of equipment returned dirty. Lost or damaged equipment is charged at full replacement cost.

A Full replacement cost is charged for lost, torn, burned, waxed snagged or stained linens. Do not attempt to clean linen yourself as special treatment is given to our linens.

You are responsible to read and understand your contact. We suggest an adult be present for a delivery to specify where equipment is to be placed, contract signature, and payment of any balance owed. If your order contains a tent to be set up you will be responsible for the correct measurements and placement. Refunds will not be given for improper measurements. If your event is to take place at a park, marina, etc., it is your responsibility to obtain the permit and assume all charges for our entry and exit.

We require a deposit plus the rental fees, a valid Michigan driver’s license and a credit card.

You the customer are responsible for all equipment rented from the time of receipt until the time of return. Please be sure that all rented equipment is secured when not in use, and protected from the weather. Check with the management of hired halls to make sure they will take care of this for you. Equipment loss or dam-aged will be charged for at its replacement cost.

If equipment/items are not suitable and in good working condition you must notify Celebrations Party Rental at once. We can be reached for emergencies after hours by following the instructions when calling the store. Not reporting such cases can result in the full charge. Once we are notified of a problem we will rectify if possible as soon as we can.

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